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As long as baby and mother are healthy, everything is fine

Apr 29, 2019Inspirations


As long as baby and mother are healthy, everything is fine


Well, I wish it was. Really. I wish we could say, as long as baby and mother are healthy, everything is fine. Unfortunately, a healthy baby is not all that counts. And as a birth professional, working as a doula, I can say that when a woman is not doing well after her birth, her baby is not doing well. 

Giving birth to a baby is a vulnerable experience and it changes a woman’s life completely. Imagine for a second, being completely open, in an environment that isn’t yours, and going through labor, whether it’s your first or second, or third birth. Still a little unsure about what’s to come but trusting your healthcare provider 100%. Then for some reason, your birth takes a different path and your envisioned birth did not happen. Perhaps leaving you empty-handed when they took your baby away right after birth. Just imagine what type of impact this has on a new mother and her newborn?



Your baby is healthy, you should be happy



After months of waiting, carrying, cradling and anticipation, you find yourself not holding your baby skin to skin, no snuggling, no smelling, no cuddling, no melting together. Separated for the first time in 9 months in a procedural way.

Or, the opposite

Going through labor, supported by your partner and care provider that is 100% on board with your birth plan desires. Being able to follow your baby’s & body’s lead…… Swaying through labor, eating, drinking, Just as it feels right for you. The big reward after months of anticipation, waiting and laboring, receiving your baby, smelling, snuggling, melting together. Starting your lives together in a natural holistic way. Just as nature intended.


30% of women today experience birth as traumatic


30% !!! in our so-called modern and civilized world. How is this possible. And are we aware that this has a major impact on our women, our families and the next generation? Birth trauma is real and it has been compared by scientific studies as when military soldiers come out of a war zone. The only difference is that the soldier has treatments waiting and support from his buddy’s. A woman after a traumatic birth is often left by herself, no support, no therapy, dealing with a newborn alone and society judging ‘your baby is healthy, you should be happy’. What’s wrong with you? The checkups that are being done are for the baby’s health, not for the mothers. Not earlier than 40 days after birth, a mother gets checked.


We need to find a better balance between a medical orientated birth and natural birth.
Understanding that women know how to birth their baby’s.


Think about this for a second, why would our body perfectly carry a baby 9 months long and make mistakes at the end? This makes no sense at all! And yet, when women are at their most vulnerable, they are often treated with NO respect and dignity but with violence and belittling. Why is this happening? Sometimes uptill a battle of the strongest or being forced into procedures.


We need to change how women birth today, tomorrow and the day after


What I’m concerned about is that women that have had a traumatic birth experience, carry this trauma with them for the rest of their lives. They carry this with them when they raise their children, when they go through life, it determines how they see the world, how they carrying a second baby, and so on. In order to release this trauma out of our society, we need to support our women that are preparing for their desired birth experience but far most, supporting the ones that have been through a traumatic experience.


I’m committed to support all women that come on my path, looking for healing, support and release of their trauma. Because I really believe it’s one woman at a time that changes our world.

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