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Kids resilience and what we can learn from them

Kids resilience and what we can learn from them     I'm truly amazed at my 4year old's resilience towards the recent passing we've had in our family. My dear brother lost his life during an accident with his motorcycle. It has been a traumatic experience for...

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The Gold inside of us

The connection with your inner being - Your Gold   There's a lot happening in our world. And everything that's happening, whether it's good or bad, invites us to connect and re-connect with our hart and ourselves.    We are all that is happening in our world...

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Let’s talk about Pointing fingers

It’s sooooooooo easy blaming someone else for your misery, unsatisfactory, loneliness or anger. But does that change your situation? I guess you already know the answer, but perhaps you do not know how to change this toxic system. When you blame someone else, really...

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