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Let’s talk about Pointing fingers

Nov 30, 2018Inspirations

It’s sooooooooo easy blaming someone else for your misery, unsatisfactory, loneliness or anger.

But does that change your situation? I guess you already know the answer, but perhaps you do not know how to change this toxic system. When you blame someone else, really listen to your own words and swap them around towards yourself.

For example: ‘you have made me very angry’
Now swap the sentence around in: ‘I have made myself very angry’ …. because …….

By doing this it helps you understand in which area you are not listening to yourself, or not taking action and therefore saying it out loud makes you take responsibility and preferably take action.

What’s really important in this process is to be gentle with yourself and to stay away from self-judgment. You are not stupid, or dumb, or a bitch for thinking or saying what you are saying. There’s a reason why you think how you think and it’s important to become aware of that in order to change this.

Reach out if you need some loving guidance or non-judgemental approach towards patterns you would like to change.

With love,



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