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The Gold inside of us

Dec 11, 2018Inspirations

The connection with your inner being – Your Gold


There’s a lot happening in our world. And everything that’s happening, whether it’s good or bad, invites us to connect and re-connect with our hart and ourselves. 


We are all that is happening in our world


In many of us, that connection is blocked in some way. Knowing what you want to achieve, but just not getting there. Whether this is in relationships, business or simply the connection you seek with yourself.

To reach out and seek for guidance to re-connect can be challenging. That’s putting yourself out there. Letting people know you are not that fine as it may seem on your beautiful outside. And yet, putting yourself out there will help you talk about it. Sharing how you feel opens up and helps others to share as well. Life gets so much easier when we open up, share and connect. Because in the end, that’s what we all want.

So I invite you to share, tell me how you feel. Tell me what blocks you from sharing and tell me what it is in life that you really want. The first step is yours. Why? Because we can’t change anyone, just ourselves and how we respond to others and the world.

Much love, Margaretha

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