Doula Margaretha

Get ready to rewaken your core birth instincts and unlock your unshakable core intuition.

So before you hit the play button here below I’d like to invite you to take a moment to install yourself somewhere in your home, poor yourself a hot cup of tea, perhaps grabbing a lovely blanket so that you are totally in line with these powerful recordings. Download the workbook here below so that you can write down what comes to mind with a lovely surprise at the end.

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Powerful short Meditation

In this powerful meditation you will learn how to come back into your body and reconnect with your divine intuition. This is your true nature. Through this experience you will open up a well of intuition, power and inherited wisdom.

Your Unshakable Intuition Visualization

Your intuition is a sacred inherited power. Through listening to this unshakeable Intuition Visualization you will  learn how raising your consciousness, will enable you to tap into your intuition so that you can step into your sovereignty, the goddess, the mother, and nurturer.

When intuition is guiding you nothing can kick you out of balance. You’ll discover how to make decisions from this new awakened state and feel more empowered than ever before