THE support for women on their Journey to Motherhood with Ease and Joy

This is not your average birth course; it is a comprehensive full on journey that encompasses the entire pregnancy until the 4th trimester.
Gone are the days of scouring the internet for hours on end—everything you need, and much much more, is condensed into this one powerful course.

I wholeheartedly believe that this course will revolutionize how you approach the remainder of your pregnancy, shifting your perspective on labor, birth, and the profound journey of motherhood. You will emerge feeling prepared and strong, as every mother deserves to be.

Just imagen how amazing it would be if you feel


Knowing that everything you do for yourself is loving energy going right back into your family.


Feeling sattisfied with yourself, your acchievements and above all, all that you do

In control

Acting based on your needs and feeling good about them gives you a sense of control, content and control,

Ok, I want that now

I’m sharing all my wisdom with you

Your Generational Story

It took generations of ancestors to get you here in this powerful time on the earth and most of these ancestors have known trauma which is passed on to you and the next generation you are carrying.

Ancestral Work & Conscious Conception

Working through the generational layers of trauma gives you the opportunity to parent your child from a place of love and empowerment

Conscious Connection between partners

Understanding each other as partners is key to building a strong parenting foundation for your child. Not knowing this crucial part of each other is where most couples fall into toxic repetitive behaviors and ultimately separate.

Your Physical Connection

Rebuilding the loving connection with yourself and your little one to build a strong foundation without generational trauma and suffering. Feeling strong and confident in your pregnancy and parenting.

Ownership and Leadership

The human connection is hugely important during pregnancy. It’s where you build up that trust and intuition 


Preparing for birth is not about ‘wanting birth’ in a certain way; but informing yourself so that you can make the best decisions for you, your birth and your baby.

A healing postpartum

How to prepare for a calm and easy postpartum that will guide you through your first 40 days and strengthen your intuition as parents for the next generation.

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Supporting you as the goddess, the mother, and nurturer.

A strong next generation is idealy build before conception. Since our world isn’t conscious enough yet, NOW is the time

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FAQ #1

After doing the meditation and the visualization you will feel so at ease and powerful that nothing stands in your way of a beautiful birth experience

FAQ #2

You feel stronger and more grounded in yourself and your ability to make important decisions

FAQ #3

You feel comfortable communicating your needs to family, friends, your partner and when needed hospital staff.

FAQ #4

You know that a conscious and breautiful birth experience is your birth right and you will do the work to un-hijack yourself

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“A wonderful experience, Margaretha welcomed us with open arms and guided us through this immense transformation by giving us valuable information and helped us prepare and grow as a couple towards this exciting new adventure. I highly recommend the course.”
Marianna & Ben
Marianna & Ben
“Margaretha was my rock of support, strength & a great well of wisdom in the months & weeks leading up to the birth of my daughter, during my labour she was truly the person I looked to for that strength & courage to keep going, always there by my side.”
Caitriona Joyce
Caitriona Joyce
“I feel so lucky for finding Margaretha and for her presence and amazing support during my pregnancy and labour. With her kindness and warmth, she gently guided me towards better decisions, opened my eyes for new opportunities and put me in touch with her amazing contacts that resulted in a beautiful birth experience.”
Iva Markovac
“I found Margaretha at a point in my pregnancy where i was overwhelmed by hormones, insecurities about pregnancy and motherhood, and a paralyzing fear of giving birth.
Not only did she manage to comfort me in a way no one had managed to do throughout the pregnancy, but she also managed to translate what I was feeling into a language my partner could understand perfectly. ”
Guia Cleps
“Margaretha is one of the most passionate and trustworthy women you will ever meet! Having this woman on your side as a friend or a doula is something that will give you the ease to be yourself and experience zero judgment from her. From the moment you meet her, she lights up the room with her smile and immediate connection with who you are! I recommend her 1000% for her doula services and post partum help.”
Kristi Mauldin

Mothers are the foundation of the new world and bringing forth new life should not to be taken lightly

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