I am Margaretha Tosi

Doula, HypnoBirthing Expert and holistic coach

My journey into the world of pregnancy and childbirth began with the arrival of my little one in 2014. Despite my initial plans for a home birth taking an unexpected turn, landing me in a hospital in an unfamiliar place with a language barrier, I found solace in the knowledge gained through HypnoBirthing and months of dedicated research. This experience empowered me to navigate through unforeseen challenges, fighting with an unsympathetic gynaecologist, ultimately allowing me to avoid an unnecessary cesarean, welcome my baby into the world through a vaginal birth, and return home within just three hours after birth.

While my story may sound like a triumph, the truth is, it took me years to overcome the self-imposed criticism for not achieving the picture-perfect home water birth I had envisioned. The journey towards healing from that experience was a gradual one.

Reflecting on those years, I’ve gained valuable insights into what I would do differently if given the chance again. This realization fuels my daily efforts and is one of the driving forces behind my current work.

Every day, I have the privilege of supporting pregnant women like yourself, on their own unique journeys. My aim is to guide you in a way that fosters a deep connection with your instincts, inner strength, and your partners. I envision a birth experience for you that is not only blissful but also filled with magic and awe, regardless of where you choose to welcome your baby into the world.

It would be my honour to walk by your side, 


People have called me:


Birth changer
Taboo breaker
Mary Poppins
A whole village

Truth speaker


Mother figure


We need to change how women birth

Facts about me

I love

I love crawling up the sofa with a good book, lovely cup of tea and just oozing into the afternoon while my little one plays in front of me.

I am

I am a mother, a dutch wife to an italian husband, a daughter to my mother, a good friend to my friends and hopefully an amazing daughter to the universe carrying out her reason to be on this planet.

My mission

My mission is to change how birth is ‘done’ to women. More than 75% of the whole woman is being forgotten when she goes in for checks. Just numbers and monitors, never the attention for the woman carrying the new human being. Because the moment you learn to SEE women, all the importance of numbers disappears into thin air.When mother is fine, baby is fine. And this is something the medical society hasn’t understood yet.