Bring the power back to the woman

Margaretha Tosi

My story

My calling for pregnancy and birth was born with the birth of my little one in 2014. When my planned home birth fell in the waters and I ended up in a hospital I didn’t know and didn’t speak the language I was so happy that I had all the knowledge from HypnoBirthing and my months of researching. I’ve been able to prevent an unnecessary cesarean, birth my baby vaginally and was home within 3 hours after birth. This all sounds heroic but it didn’t feel that way for many years. I bashed myself for not having my perfect home water birth. I bashed myself for sooooo many things. And it took me years to heal from birth.
A gentle birth becomes the norm. When we heal humanity, we heal mother earth.
Powerful headline
For far too long patriarchy has imposed so much on women’s choices, leaving them feeling incapable of birthing their baies in the way they are designed to do.

The benefits of hiring a doula

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Fewer C-sections
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Higher home birth rate
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Shorter labors
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Less use of synthetic oxytocin
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Less use of pain medication
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Fewer induced births

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