The Birth Healing Activation

The Healing Birth Activation

Are you ready to take charge from consception till 4th trimester? The ability to make choices that are aligned with your soul and your needs?

Just imangen how would it feel if you could trust your intuition blindly, never question yourself, your choices and never having the sensation of explaining yourself to others. 

Learn more by clicking the link to download a beautiful short meditation plus visualization that will be just the beginning of YOUR intuitive journey towards an empowering motherhood. 


As a women we have many roles to play and many of us struggle to find the right balance plus finding the space for ourselves we need. Making time for ourselves and feel good about relaxing and ‘just doing nothing’ for some time can come with great sensations of guilt and should’s.

I’ve supported many mothers like you during these struggles and even just after a few sessions they were able to create the space they needed for me-time, communicate their needs better to their partner and in the end becoming a more joyful mother that has eye for her own needs as well as her families.

Margaretha Tosi


About 35% of women all over the world experience birth in a negative or traumatic way. And a first trauma might have been that you and your baby were separated from each other immediately after birth. Or your birth ended up in a csection unexpectedly. There are many different ways how a mother can experience her birth as traumatic and healing this experience takes courage. Going back to an experience that ‘should’ have been the most beautiful one of your life and coming out of this traumatized is not wat you expected and wanted. Many people in your surroundings might not even understand why you feel the way you feel since you should be happy having a healthy baby and that’s all that matters isn’t it? In my book it isn’t. 

Is all lost after a birth that didn’t go according to your desire or wishes? No.

During my 5 year training as a psycho energetic therapist more than 20 years ago, I have learned and practised since, an amazing rebirth session that gives you and your little one to glue the pieces that you missed during labor and/or birth.

We go back to your birth experience and bring back all that you have lost so that you are able to heal those places inside of you that are hurting.

Birthplan Consultation

Creating a birthplan is a beautiful way of becoming informed about how you want to birth your baby and the different options you have while going through the different stages of labor. Many women that didn’t prepare say often ‘I wish I had know before’. Let this not be you. Writing a birth plan is one of the tools that helps you prepare into knowing all there is to know regarding labor, birth and there after.

HypnoBirting Intensive

HypnoBirthing Intensive

During this 2 day intensive HypnoBirthing Course you learn all there is to learn about pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum. No stone is left unturned and you will walk out of this course feeling empowered in your decisionmaking. You are able to discuss any type of situation with your careprovider in case of need and your partner is fully prepared, just as you, so that you can lean on him and birth your baby from a place of calm and ease.

Birthprep in 1 day